ATENA LLC started its activity on 11.05.2011. It is the distinctive milk collection farm and production enterprise not only in Azerbaijan and also in the world for its diary technology and method of work. It controls all diary products in each point of its production by its technology to protect cost of food.

ATENA has the capacity to produce 400 ton fresh milk by the help of its automatic equipment a day. The enterprise covers 12.000 m2 area and totally 240.000m2..

Initially the enterprise has entered diary products market with products of 32 types and today is serving to its customers with 50 products types.

ATENA gives guarantees for delivering of its diary products during 24 hours from milk processing unit to sold point. So Diary products of ATENA (as milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese) surely preserve their natural (without any chemical substances) and fresh taste without using any chemical substances.

Beside its own development, ATENA consider about development of enterprise's employees, clients, farmers, suppliers, and consumers too.